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Venous Insufficiency

Varicose Veins

Over time, valves in the veins that prevent the backflow of blood can weaken. Because of this, blood can pool up in peripheral veins of your body, particularly the legs. This can cause a variety of issues, and thus it is important to have venous insufficiency addressed. It is often very prominent and yet under-diagnosed, especially in patients that suffer from the complications that arise from venous insufficiency–including severe eczema and ulceration. At Palm Vascular Centers of the Treasure Coast, we have a dedicated team to accurately diagnose your condition and treat it appropriately.

Treatment Options

Dialysis Access Management

Declots – removing clots from arterio-venous fistulas and grafts.

Balloon Angioplasty & Stent Placement

Anticoagulants (thins blood and prevents recurrence of disease)
Xarelto, Eloquis, Coumadin

IVC Filter Placement & Retrieval

Catching Peripheral Arterial Disease early is important

PAD Patients are at more than 6 times the risk of death from coronary heart disease as those without PAD. If you're experiencing symptoms, see a doctor.

During your initial visit we will:

Important PAD & CLI Facts

Eight million Americans suffer from PAD.

160,000+ amputations occur every year in in U.S. as a result of untreated PAD.

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54% of those amputation patients never even received a diagnostic angiogram.

Created by Olena Panasovska from the Noun Project

Angiograms reduce the odds of amputation by 90%