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Venous Insufficiency

What Is Venous Insufficiency?

Varicose VeinsOver time, valves in the veins that prevent the backflow of blood can weaken. Because of this, blood can pool up in peripheral veins of your body, particularly the legs. This can cause a variety of issues, and thus it is important to have venous insufficiency addressed. It is often very prominent and yet under-diagnosed, especially in patients that suffer from the complications that arise from venous insufficiency–including severe eczema and ulceration. At Palm Vascular Centers of the Treasure Coast, we have a dedicated team to accurately diagnose your condition and treat it appropriately.

Venous Insufficiency Treatment Options

Venous Stenting

In the pelvis, there is a region where the deep venous system comes into close
proximity with the arterial system. In this area, the thick, blood-filled arteries
sit atop the veins and can sometimes put enough pressure on them to flatten
them, creating a blockage—similar to stepping on a hose. In order to restore
the structure of the veins, stents may be placed there as a permanent scaffold,
alleviating blood flow.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Using a superheated laser, we are able to cauterize (burn) larger, ropey veins near the surface of the skin. This has little downtime, virtually no scarring, and is minimally invasive.


Another option for bulging, twisting veins is Venaseal—a specially formulated medical adhesive that works as to essentially ‘glue’ the vein shut.


Sclerotherapy injections are performed using a ‘sclerosing agent’—a saline solution that causes clotting in the small spider veins near the surface of the skin, leading them to collapse and disappear.


Varithena is a specific type of sclerosing agent that has gained massive popularity in recent years. Unlike typical sclerotherapy injectables, Varithena is a patented micro-foam that can be used in deeper veins, like the greater saphenous vein (the GSV, which commonly presents as a varicose vein).
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